Kristjana Gunnars

Kristjana Gunnars was born in Reykjav?k, Iceland, and lived her formative teenage years in the village of K?pavogur. The landscape of south-western Iceland, with its endless variety of rock formations, lava fields, moss and gravel sands, and the ever-changing face of the sky, have influenced her sense of color and texture in art. Her work bears textural references to those rocky landscape features, and the colors she uses are enigmatic and inter-flowing, as is the color field of the place of her origin.

Kristjana?s father was a geologist, and she accompanied him on many geological excursions into the interior of Iceland as a child. Those trips continued to haunt her: the black sands of the southern seaside; the barren brown and blue mountains; the natural pools of turquoise-colored boiling springs and steam, and they played a part in her development as an artist.

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