Exhibition of Maka Batiashvili


On the occasion of the Georgian Day celebrations, Maka BATIASHVILI is exhibiting some of her latest works at the Hilton Hotel in the Netherlands, starting 28 May 2013. Come and view her new works.

Maka BATIASHVILI exhibition
The Hilton Hotel
Zeestraat 35
The Hague
The Netherlands

Maka BATIASHVILI, both works from her new portrait series, 2013, oil on canvas, 100x160cm.

Exhibition of Kristjana Gunnars


I am pleased to share that Kristjana GUNNARS is exhibiting works at the Goldmoss Gallery in Roberts Creek, British Columbia, Canada. The exhibition, which opened on 17 May as part of the Roberts Creek Arts Festival, will run for six weeks. Don?t miss this opportunity to see her works first hand.

Goldmoss Gallery
2840 Lower Road
Roberts Creek, Sunshine Coast
British Columbia

Saturday – Sunday (12pm – 4pm)
Outside of exhibition and gallery hours, please call 604 886 1968 to make an appointment.

Kristjana GUNNARS, “basalt reflections #1”, 2012, acrylic and ink on linen, 61x91cm.
Kristjana GUNNARS, “basalt reflections #2”, 2012, acrylic on linen, 61x91cm.

New Works by Danilo Kreso



I am pleased to present some new drawings by Danilo KRESO.

Danilo KRESO, ‘untitled works’, 2013, pencil on paper, 66x80cm and 77x70cm.

Blood Line Revisited by Darko Sobot


Family has always been central to Darko. The experience of family life and its impact on who we are provides rich inspiration for him. In this small format of his original Blood Line Series, he brings together both traditional and modern elements that celebrate the importance of family and remind us of how often we are deeply shaped by the people closest to us. Love or loathe it, the blood line is steadfast and for life.

I was reminded how modern-day family photographs also tell a story and document the relationships and structures within and among the family. One photograph captures an instance in time, but the accumulation of pictures begins to reveal threads of consistent themes and patterns about a family’s history.

Each portrait of the “Blood Line” series is abstract and the image blurred. I use contour lines which connect but do not intersect, creating a sense of elevation and depth. These various tiers create shadows and imitate the multiple and sometimes complex gradations of someones persona. At the same time, the lines are smooth and polished, depicting an idealized image. This contrasts to the corroded metal forms that protrude haphazardly from behind hinting to the fact that seldom are photos a complete and accurate depiction of reality. Sometimes there is tension between appearance and reality – the clean idealized family image in front and the raw and sometimes messy family dynamics ?behind the scenes?.


Each piece is accented with a splash of red colour reminding us of the familial interconnectivity of the images through the blood line.


In terms of the materials, I love to use those materials that form the basis for much of our urban architecture and life. Concrete and metal in their rawest form, can be stark, lifeless and utilitarian. It is reminiscent of the dehumanization of our living spaces Рlike large rooms with concrete playgrounds, no parks or greenery. At first glance, the use of concrete and corroded metal to personify something so intimate and personal, such as a family portrait, seems unthinkable. Yet in the same moment it can be seen in a diametrically opposite way. Accentuating man as a thinking, emotional and spiritual being, able to create immense beauty. Darko Sobot



You can see these new works exhibited at the Galerie Sculptur in Bamberg, Germany from 20 April to 18 May 2013.

Darko Sobot, Blood Line series revisited, 2013, concrete with metal, without stand: 12x12x6cm.


If you want to see more works by this artist please contact me.



Josip Broz by Jesenko Gavric



As part of the series “Looking at You” by Jesenko Gavric, these works present another historical figure from the twentieth century, Josip Broz, better known as Tito. In this series, the tables are turned once again. These days we can only look at images or documentaries of Tito, and now he is ?Looking at You?.

Jesenko GAVRIC, From the Series Looking at You, Tito 3X, Tito 3Y and Tito 3Z, 2012, acrylic on canvas, each 85x85cm.

Darko Sobot Reworked


In December 2012, I profiled the new works of Darko Sobot. The sculptures were beautiful and contemporary designs, one series in bronze and another in aluminium, each mounted on a handcrafted wooden base.

It was always Darko’s intention for the series to evolve and comprise several different interpretations. He has now reworked two of the pieces in aluminium, introducing his signature colour in blue or red, and adding a solid granite base etched with deep almost claw-like markings, which blends perfectly with the geometric form.

Darko Sobot, “New Echo I” 2012, aluminium painted red with granite base, and “New Echo II”, 2012, aluminium painted blue with granite base, each 20x9x32cm.

Amel Hodzic: ‘Agony and Metamorphosis’ Solo Exhibition


Amel HOD?I?: ‘Agony and Metamorphosis’ Solo Exhibition
City Gallery (Gradska Galerija)
Bosanska 15
Bosnian and Herzegovina
4-14 April 2013

Opening night: 4 April at 8pm

Gallery working hours:
Monday till Friday: 9 am – 2 pm and 7 pm – 9 pm
Saturday: 7 pm – 9 pm
Sunday: closed

Amel HOD?I?, ‘Agony and Metamorphosis 1’ from ?The Triumph of Human Stupidity? series, 2013, oil on canvas, 120x200cm.

Exhibition of Amel Hod?i?



I am glad to announce the upcoming exhibition of Amel Hod?i? at the City Gallery (Gradska Galerija) in Biha?, Bosnia and Herzegovina. The exhibition will take place from 4 through 14 April. If you have the chance to visit, it will be a great opportunity to see new works by Amel from his series ?The Triumph of Human Stupidity?.

Amel HOD?I?, Three works from ?The Triumph of Human Stupidity? series, 2013, oil on canvas, each 80x120cm.

Gerd Keppens Fingerprinted



Almost two years ago, Gerd Keppens was sitting in his garden fascinated by a worm eating an apple. The worm had already finished half the apple. Turning 50 that year, it dawned on Gerd that he too might be half way through his own life. This is where the idea for the self-portrait series originated.

The initial drawing by Gerd featured a worm and apple, with four quadrants, symbolizing the seasons. The quadrant colours were white, yellow, red and blue. The idea for the self-portraits further evolved when Gerd decided to enlarge his fingerprint and that of his three children and imprint them on each of the quadrants. For Gerd, his sense of self is strongly interconnected with his children and his self-portrait series embodies this intimate link.

The drawings almost vibrate and fill the space between the spectator and the artwork; they also appear to change when looking at them. Gerd created an amazing contrast between the technique of directly applying the ink on the texture of the hand-made paper, and the painted geometric patterns. It is impulsive versus reflective; Apollo versus Dionysus.

Each work in the self-portrait series, as it stands today, is comprised of three interlinked works that represent infinity, change and stability in Gerd?s life. The three works shown above represent infinity.

Gerd KEPPENS, From the Self-Portrait Series, 2012, ink on paper, sheet 30x30cm, image 25x25cm.

From Georgia with Love Maka Batiashvili



These works are from Maka Batiashvili’s series ?Sticks? and ?Balance?. In the last few years Maka has been working on paper in addition to canvas. The sheer size of these paper works makes them very special. The viewer cannot but help become engaged in and absorbed by the artwork due to the almost life-size figures. The works exude a feeling of serenity and belonging to something larger than oneself.

Maka Batiashvili, ?Balance?, ink on paper, 150x160cm; ?Balance?, ink on paper, 150x170cm; ‘Sticks?, 2010, ink on paper, 160x180cm; ?Sticks?, 2010, ink on paper, 120x150cm. ?